Barrie ranked in top three most entrepreneurial cities.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 2016


What We Do

STorytelling & Event Promotion

We curate entrepreneurial stories, sharing your startup journey and success stories to inspire and empower others. Share your stories and events with us.

Events You Don't Want to Miss

We host a range of events for the Startup Barrie community supporting all sectors of business.

Resources & Support

Joining the Startup Barrie community brings access to resources and support networks that help you build and grow your business.

Connection & Networking

Startup Barrie helps you connect with other entrepreneurial business owners. Our StartUp Community is for everyone: freelancers and self employed, solo entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, partners, small businesses, and startup businesses.


Benefits of Startup Barrie

Our goals are to offer you endless benefits when you get involved in Our StartUp community.

Startup BArrie Benefits are For you:

  1. Meet other early stage companies.

  2. Receive advice, mentorship, support through networking, programs and events.
  3. Learn about the current startup ecosystem, and available resources specific to your business sector.
  4. Share your story with other entrepreneurs through Our StartUp Community social media channels.
  5. Our StartUp Community means you're connected to a larger organization, Startup Canada, connecting Canadian Startup Communities across the country.

Entrepreneurs are a critical component of Barrie’s economy.

Zvi Lifshiz, executive director of the city’s Invest Barrie


2016 - 2018


Every year we'd like to grow our community with new faces, and new businesses, expanding diversity in our Community Builders, meet new volunteers and introduce them to current volunteers, host inclusive and diverse events, projects, and educational programming to support Our StartUp Community. Volunteer Today!


Our Goals

To support each other by sharing stories, fostering human connection in the reality of entrepreneurship for Our StartUp Community in Barrie.

The Goals Breakdown

Marketing & Storytelling

Acting as the voice for and the marketing arm of Our Start Up Community we will:

  • Identify and collect stories from Our Start Up Community while promoting the success of our entrepreneurial and change-making community.

  • Curate and identify gaps.

  • Promote the need for self-promotion thereby encouraging story creation.

  • Share and amplify these stories through social media and traditional marketing channels to celebrate our successes, milestones and challenges — both unresolved and overcome.


Promote community involvement and input with the ongoing objective to map out Our StartUp Community:

  • Support the creation of online profiles for the entrepreneur and their companies.

  • Identify all community resources and continually update the community database.

  • Identify and curate all community events of interest to Our StartUp Community.

Connecting Our Community

People to People

  • Everything happens when people find one another at the right time.

  • Peer to peer connections can be a saving grace for startups, ventures, entrepreneurs experiencing loneliness, burnout, or isolation; by sharing stories we are providing a human connection to the reality of entrepreneurship.

People to Resources

  • The Greater Barrie and Simcoe County offers support for Our StartUp. Community, the challenge for the entrepreneur is finding the right resource at the right time — Startup Barrie connects you to the right resources.


  • Develop a culture of camaraderie, collaboration, and trust across our startup community by sharing authentic stories and relatable struggles.

  • Create opportunities, whether organized or organic, for peer mentorship and support.

  • Recognizing there is no substitute for face to face interactions StartUp Barrie will work with the community to amplify available events and facilitate introductions.  

  • Startup Barrie Community Builders make introductions via emails and social media channels to key points of contact for Barrie entrepreneurs.


Our Startup Community is For Everyone