Volunteering is the ultimate positive social impact; helping others without expecting anything in return.
— Avery Konda, Community Builder
Our City cannot thrive without a strong volunteer movement, getting personally involved in doing something for our community, giving our time, talent and treasure.
— Chad Ballantyne, Community Builder

Interested in Volunteering?

Our StartUp community is for everyone. Everyone is an ambassador.

Want to do more? Check out the open positions:

All Volunteer Positions:

Each position is unique and what you want to make of it. If you have an hour to donate one month, we'll take it. If another month you have 2 hours to donate, that's awesome!

Volunteering with Startup Barrie is whatever you want give, and whatever you want to make the opportunity into.

Each role is suited for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, who will champion the role, take the lead and do something great for Our StartUp community. 

Startup Barrie wouldn't be possible without volunteers like you, who help grow, foster, strengthen and build our StartUp community.

Currently Open Volunteer positions:

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Fundraising & Communications Specialist

  • Event Volunteer

  • Community Ambassador

  • Website Content Coordinator

  • Bloggers

  • Graphic Designer

  • Web Designer / Web Developer

  • Event Host (please include description of event you will host)

Don't see your ideal opportunity listed? Send us an email and share it with us. Please include a brief message explaining your desired role (volunteer), how the community will benefit, and a brief description of you.

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