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We help you validate your idea, discover your demographic, develop a prototype, get funding, offer strategy for launch + so much more.


What we do

Bringing entrepreneurs together to support and advance the success of all Barrie entrepreneurs.

We're building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in our city.

Startup Barrie is a grass-roots driven not-for-profit organization created by volunteer Community Builders with a mission to inspire, empower, and encourage entrepreneurship in Barrie.

Startup Barrie wants to be your starting point, to help guide you on your entrepreneurial journey offering counsel, mentorship, connections, and referrals to key destinations in the Barrie entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Our Goals

We tell the stories of Our StartUp  Community

Storytelling develops a culture of camaraderie, collaboration, and trust across our startup community by sharing authentic stories and relatable struggles. 

We're working together to create opportunities, whether organized or organic, for peer mentorship and support, because we recognize there's no substitute for face-to-face interactions.

Startup Barrie will work with the community to amplify available events and facilitate introductions.   

Startup Barrie isn't just for those who have tech business. It's for anyone who wants to 'start up' an idea and turn it into a business. Maybe you're running a side hustle, or it's your full time gig, Startup Barrie has been created for you. 

Our StartUp Community is for everyone in Barrie, new and established startup businesses.

Check out upcoming events or volunteer.


What type of business are you?

Every Business Matters. Every stage is a success story.

Every sector and type of business matters. We're all about helping you start business and grow your business, regardless of the type of business you operate. Startup Barrie isn't just for tech startups — we're re-defining what StartUp business means. 


Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Share the story behind your entrepreneurial business.

Freelancers & Self Employed

Are you a self-employed? Are you a freelancer? We understand freelance and self-employed business owners in any sector of business, and would love to learn more about your business.


Are you in the stages of establishing a business? Have you have recently registered your business?  Let us help navigate the Barrie Startup ecosystem.

Sole proprietors

Sole proprietors are as important as every other business and your story matters. We'd like to learn about your solopreneur journey and discover your success stories.

Small Business Owners

Small businesses are independently owned and operated with a small team of people and make up the majority of businesses established in Canada. Whether 10 or 99 people, we want to know about the success of Barrie small business owners.



Startup Barrie hosts events and programs for Our StartUp Community. 


“Any time is a good time to start a company”

Ron Conway, Angel Investor



Connecting You to Benefits

Our goals are to offer you endless benefits when you get involved in Our StartUp Community.

Startup BArrie Benefits are For you:

  1. Meet other early stage companies.

  2. Receive advice, mentorship, support through networking, programs and events.
  3. Learn about the current ecosystem and available resources specific to your business sector.
  4. Share your story with other entrepreneurs.
  5. Our StartUp Community means you're connected to a larger organization, Startup Canada, connecting Canadian Startup Communities across the country.



Our Startup Community is For Everyone