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Your Startup Story Matters. Your Startup Activities and Events Matter.

Storytelling develops a culture of camaraderie, collaboration, and trust across our startup community by sharing authentic stories and relatable struggles. 

Event diversity in Our StartUp activities matters because it attracts a variety of entrepreneurs from different sectors of business, which creates a full circle of professionals to support the needs of the startup ecosystem.

Every stage you're at is a success story. A vibrant Startup community demonstrates success.


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Preparing Your Story & Event Details

When you are preparing your submission for Startup Barrie's social media presence, please prepare in advance and send with your story the following:

  1. Write a brief 2-3 sentence storyline for social sharing on Startup Barrie Facebook and Twitter accounts. (Note: Twitter has a max character length)

  2. Prepare your company brand related images to support promotion: logos, PDF brochure, website or event URL

  3. Only share shortened YouTube, Vimeo, gif, or exceptionally long website or event URL's to support your message to direct traffic to your website or your Startup event.

When a submission has been made, a Startup Barrie Community Builder will contact you directly within 24-48 hours to the email provided. When the Startup Barrie Community Builder connects directly you can at that time share image assets support promotion of your business story or event. 

  • Any submissions that do not follow the submission requirements as outlined above will not be published.

  • Startup Barrie reserves the right edit content to suit the Startup Barrie brand.

  • Please note: Startup Barrie only shares events on our social channels, we currently do not have an event calendar. If you would like to submit your event to an event calendar please visit Barrie Entrepreneurs Connect to submit an event. We also recommend submitting your event to Snapd Barrie so your event can be Snapd! Submit the event before last Monday of the month to be included in the newspaper print calendar.